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Jack & Jackstands

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So my girlfriend noticed that I'm always borrowing my dad's jack and Jacks tans when I work on my Bullitt and thought getting me my own would be an excellent Christmas present.

Could you guys recommend any Jacks and/or jack stands that are inexpensive and good for working on out Bullitts. My 08 is the stock height now, but I may drop it an inch at some point, so I'll need a jack that's going to be able to operate on a slightly lowered Bullitt.

What should I suggest?
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Got mine from Harbor Freight. Very inexpensive. You might look at getting the low profile racing jack.
I actually have 2 sets of jack stands. One set is the regular cheap car jack stands. The other set is the truck & SUV jack stands which are heavier, taller, and wider than the car jack stands. I actually use those more than the others. It really depends on how high you want/need to get the car.
I agree that it is nice to have 2 sets of jack stands. Having 2 different size sets has its advantages too.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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