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Jacket Update

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Fellow Members:

No luck with the "Bullitt " logo. WB wants to license only high volume items similar to what George is doing @ MGW.:sad: However,you can order a plain lettermen jacket with wool shell, leather sleeves and pocket trim and knit collar and sleeve cuffs. Colors are avaialble to match your car.Order from T.M. Athletics. Contact Jim Hopkins @ 253.588.7920. The cost is $185. If we can collectively figure a way to place one order for six jackets the costs drops to $132. Quite a savings if we can have someone manage to collect the money/ CC#s etc; Perhaps each member who orders a jacket can have the logo embroidered locally.

John Morton

Green Machine

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Thanks John,
I will check out T.M. and may want to place an order. So that makes two of us. Even if we don't get another four I still may get it for $185 and do some embroidery locally. Thanks again!
Danny Boy:

No one owns the words "Bullitt Club". However, the font or script type used to display the word "Bullitt" are licensed to WB who own the movie/licensing rights. Therefore, items that are marketed utilizing the "Bullitt" logo script need to be licensed by WB. As I understand it,if you purchase a generic item and have the logo attached/applied yourself for personal use there probably would not be a licensing violation since there is no resale/advertising as a"Bullitt"item.:cool:

John Morton

Green Machine

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I checked with our local print/embroidery shop, and as a club we can put what we want on them.See this post? After they have the digitized pic thay will put it on anything. Also if the word BULLITT is made from a standard script whats the prob?

Blk Bullitt #2754
Here's their link...It's fairly impressive. Anyone interested in a Letterman type jacket will want to check this place out and order the swatches.
My wife owns a commercial embroidery machine and it would be no problem to make these kind of items. I don't think I'm breaking the law as long as I don't charge you to use the Bullitt logo directly.

True Blue Bullitt #4398

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I am stationed in Korea and the people here can create any kind of jacket with Bullitt Logos. I will get one made and will post a picture soon.
If you have any ideas on what it should look like please email me.
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