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JUST FOR FUN! How many "miles" on your Bullitt?

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I have owned her for 8 days
She has 60.1 miles on her!

Everyone else??????
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I put that many on in her first day. I'm up to 4500 miles right now.
I have 4,650 miles on mine. I have had it for 3 months now and loving the drive to and from work everyday, just not the gas bill every month :razz:
I've had #5508 for 2 1/2 weeks and have over 1500 on her.
I've had #3175 for one week as of today and I have 389.2 miles on her. I don't think I'm going to like my gas bill either. I'm going to have to stop giving people rides because I think I use about 5 gallons of gas every time I get on it.
I've had #2832 for 2 1/2 months now. I just passed the 5K mark this past weekend.
two months old and over 5,000 miles!!!!
30,000 a year?????? Yipes!! I'm going to have to get back into my F350...
30,000? I'm trying to sell my 1996 Dodge Avenger ES...IT has 36,000 miles....I probably put 5,000 a year on??? Maybe.
3100 in about 3 1/2 months. Quite different from my 87 Mustang, I put just over 11,000 on it in 3 months.
Four months 7500 miles.
As a side note I was doing 100 when she hit 100 on the OD. :smile:
Well, the odometer reads 5,500 but the actual miles are 8200! When we took her in for the new instrument cluster they put the odometer 2700 miles too low which is fine with us as we get an extra 2700 miles on the warranty! Another advantage to that is--On our insurance plan, if we drive our Bullitt under 7500 miles a year, we get a cut rate. Well, we are "actually" over the 7500 but the odometer reads less. Now, if we can only drive it 2000 more miles till January when they will want proof of the miles to keep our insurance rate down! No prob, as we are parking her next month till the snow quits flying......
I've got just over 10,000 on mine and I've had it since mid-May. The 3000 mile trip to Florida and back were a big contributing factor there. I do believe that I've broken out of the 7500 mile "pleasure car" clause on our insurance. :wink:
I have had mine since Aug. 31 and I have just over 1400 on her. Trying to keep it low. :smile:
I've got 1554 June 2 She has 1600 miles on her.Cruzing milage.
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