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There is alotta car shows in Humble,Texas. There is awesome cars out there. And I mean AWESOME! Well I had the Goodyears put back on there and the nitto's are sitting up in the garage. I was showing my car, I just waxed it and all of that great stuff and some guy came up to me that had a new Camaro Z28/SS. He was like well yeah the mustangs are slow. And I said yeah, there really slow. Slow enough to beat a Camaro. So he starts talking **** and a couple of more friends of his pull up in the camaros. I though oh this is gonna be fun. 4 Camaro Z28/SS's. Then my buddy has a 69 Camaro SS 396 that pulled up behind me, which is a sweet ride. So we all left at about 10:30 and I notice all of the Camaro's behind me revving there motors. They sound alright, but I love the Bullitts stock exhaust, it will drone a little going down the road but when your sitting there revving it at 4k it sounds sweet. So we all take off, schocring our tires and I get caught at a red light with 3 of the Camaros. its a 3 lane road 2 camaros on one side of me, and behind me theres a new one with tags on it. I looked to see if trac-lok was off and it was. So I waved at the Camaro on the left side of me and I took off. The Light was still red and no one was coming, when I was in middle of the street it turned Green and I saw that SS behind me coming up. I keep the pedal to the floor. Hit 3rd chrip, 4th i'm in 120mph he comes up right behind me riding my ass and we stop. He was a pretty cool guy though, normally all of the camaro owners that I meet always talks **** and stuff. So we go riding around some more, hit a couple of more Show meets. And I tell ya, these cars are Sweet! I'm on my way home and I see a viper in front of me at a Red Light. I hit it at 4k rpms. It crackled like crazy. Everysince I put the chip in it throttle response is a hell'va lot better and so is performance. He revs up that Viper and it sounds like $H!T! I'm sorry but that Viper sounded horrible. I get up beside him and give it a little goose. He just looks at me and keeps driving. He had to much money anyways.....
The night was pretty fun though.
I gotta let the Bullitt rest now for about 3-4 weeks :smile:
If anyone lives in Houston and interested to go look at the Badass cars out there letme know and we can ride out there :grin:
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