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Just got back from the Hooter's Cruise-in

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Had a good time and got to meet MCQUEEN and TwoPonys! Man,they had a large group of Mustangs there,some really fast ones too,like 8s in the 1/4 mile! Hope MCQUEEN can post all those pics,especially the one of the three Bullitts together. Oh I played my video,I took,and the 2 Hooter girls looked right cool sittin' on the hood of my Bullitt....Wifey had a few things to say too!! How do you get butt prints off a hood? Awww I'll just leave them on there for a while!
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It was a good meet,just sorry more Bullitts didn't show up. As big Greensboro and that area is,I would've though more from the triad would be there. And then again, they may not know of this great site. Grandson said there were 'stangs everywhere.
Ok guys its 2:43 I just got home we hit a few night clubs but Im gona work on the page
I have had a few drinks LMAO
damn!!! If I didn't have to work and if I knew 3230 would get lucky with a Hooter Butt print on the hood I would have driven up from Atlanta! Better yet she could have just planted her hiney on 3230's leather... MUS408, just tell your wife I'll take care of the girls for you, I have no wife to get jealous, hee hee
Obviously, I didn't make it. Bullitt 968 is broken!!

Well, kinda. I backed out of my parking space, and as soon as I started going forward, I heard this horrible hissing noise. One of the heater hoses broke loose, and now the AC's busted. To the shop tomorrow...
Damn funny you should mention the heater hoses Micah! I was just cleaning under the hood of mine and started looking at those hoses. I was wondering what a pain they might be several years from now when I go to replace them. They seem to have special ends on them at the heater core....No more hose clamps there. Looks like close quarters getting them loose. Will check mine again for any leak. Where did it let go at?
I wasn't quite sure where it got loose. There was coolant spewing all over the place, but it looked like it was the driver's-side hose where it clips into the wall of the engine compartment. I adjusted them both just to be sure.
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