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Just hit 1500 miles and TICKING has started!!!! AHHHH!!!!

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At first, I read all the post about the ticking noise and I didn't get it, but now I understand everyone's frustration. I hate the ticking noise! WHAT THE HELL IS IT! Gonna have to take her in to the dealer but I'll probablly get the same answer that everyone else is getting. "That's normal" NO, if it was normal I would have heard it from day one. It happened right after I gave her a good run, no redlining, just squeezed her a little. Well, lets see what the dealer tells me on Monday, Oh yeah thats if the Hurricane coming this way shifts direction.

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Well mine was ticking from day one. Maybe your dealer can figure it out since it just started. Let us know what you find out.

I hate the ticking noise too!
The ticking started after the first long, good drive I took #196 on as well. Maybe that has something to do with it.
Mine started ticking at around 1000 miles. I think ford makes these cars so that they run great until you buy them and get them off the lot and then they are programmed to start making noises and break. I was out all day driving mine today and i started to get a high pitched squeal until i would depress the clutch from time to time. This car has 1700 miles on it and its making all kinds of ticking, grinding and squealing noises and the dealer and Ford just arent doing anything about it. Every time i take it to them they just say they cant duplicate it or they dont know how to fix it. All of the dealers here say this so the problem is definitely on Ford's end and not on the dealers. Im heading over to now to look at the new audi a4. I think around January i am going to get rid of the Bullitt and buy an Audi because its obvious to me that Ford doesnt give a rats ass about its customers, and they dont know how to make a quality car. When i pay 25k for a car that is overpriced to begin with i expect quality, not ticks and grinds and rattles after 1000 miles. I knew it would be a mistake to buy this car and i knew i would regret it. Its really too bad, because i love the car. Ford is at the top of my boo list. :sad:
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Sounds like your high-pitched squeal is the throwout bearing. That seems to be the pattern. They whine like an opera singer on helium and worsen after warming up.
hummmm Bullitt #344 has almost 9,000 miles on her and we have taken her on a lot of hard runs and road trips and "drove her like you're gonna drive her" plenty of times! As of today, there is NO ticking!

when i first get in my bullitt after a good nights rest i dont hear a ticking sound but after I open it up a little i hear the ticking and the more i punch it the louder it gets. can anyone explain this?
I've noticed the valves knocking between 2nd and 3rd when I'm kinda getting on it. Not even getting to red line and you can hear them. That's bad if I can hear them over the exhaust. Guess I'm going to the shop this week while I'm on vacation still!!
Mine has 1500 miles, and no ticking, but it has a very load groan as I drive along at about 30-45. Is the rear end that noisy on everyone else's?
Yikes. You guys are starting to get me worried. My car is in storage for the winter and it only has 700 miles on it but I haven't had any problems what so ever.
Hey guys, I reported the "ticking" epidemic to NHTSA. I referred them to this web site and they are suppose to complete a full investigation into this problem. I told them that Ford has placed the person who had his car taken to the dealer due to this ticking, put on Ford's "Unfixables" list. Well see how it goes. I encourage others with this problem to write to NHTSA. I forget the web address but do a search in Dogpile under Technical service bulletins. I'm trying to do all I can to get this problem resolved. This is my first new car, and I have had less problems with my previou s cars that I bought used.
This is kinda long (sorry) but, please read to those that have this problem.
I would certainly like to take a crack at solving this 'ticking' problem for all you guys/gals that have this problem. I'm a mechanic and have been in the business for over 30 years although the last 13 have been for the government.
The only problem that I have had with my car is when cold, I get a groaning noise coming from the brakes. I am certain that this is where the noise is coming from because the noise shifts from side to side and front to back but, only when the car is cold. I believe it is the obdII system checking the antilock system when this happens.
Anyway, back to the ticking. In my opion, the first thing that comes to mind is that the ticking is an exhaust leak at the exhaust manifolds. If the gasket has burned through at one or more of the exhaust ports, it would make this kind of sound. The sound would be multiplied if more ports are involved. The second thing that comes to mind is a lifter noise however, I would discount this because lifter noise is a constant noise and I have read here that some or all of you don't get this noise until you goose it. The exhaust noise should also be constant but, should change volume as the engine is goosed. So, if any of you can give a complete discription of this problem like if you can lift your hood, engine running, and trace this noise from side to side, front to back and top to bottom, we might be able to solve this. Just remember this, a lifter noise is a metalic tapping noise just like many of you have probably heard before. The exhaust noise would be more of a quick, repetative hissing noise. Have the wife or friend help you and vary the rpms from idle to 1.5k moderately. Good luck and please make your discription as accurate as you can :smile:
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It's definitely not the exhaust. I jacked the rear end up in the morning, a cold one, and had my friend put the car in 1st gear and rev it up to around 3,000 when the ticking starts. I had him hold the car at 3,000 and sound remained constant and uniform. When he dropped the rpm's around 2,000, there was no ticking to be heard. When car was running for about 5 mins, the sound diminished greatly but I believe I can still hear it but you have to listen for it. I need a stethoscope to pin point the sound but it is definitely coming from the motor. By the way, My car is an automatic and it did not make this ticking noise last winter. I have 6,200 miles on the car now. I picked it up in january. I run 89 octane fuel, and use Amsoil 5w-20 motor oil.
I tried a trick the other day that seems to work pretty good in the past for finding noises. I got the tire iron out from the trunk. Popped the hood and fired the car up. I then placed the lug nut end of the tire iron to my ear and cupped my hand around it. Then I took the other end and placed it on various areas of the engine. The area that matched the ticking noise was the Fuel line that connects to the injectors on the passenger side. The injectors make a high pitched rythem, where as the line had a lower constant beat tapping sound. If you look you can also see a rubber fuel line that has a chrome disk in the the middle of it. Line should be to the left and rear of the injector fuel rail. Anyhow, it makes the same pulse, just muffled since it is rubber.
The ticking noise started on my car this fall when it cooled off. My 2000 GT had only 12000 miles when it started. Never did it last winter. Anyhow, some of you might give this a try and see if it sounds the same.
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I suppose I've been fortunate because 169 never had a ticking noise, groaning noise or anything else unusual up to where she died at 9,600 miles.

So far, 1053 with 2,100 miles is also noise free. There is a little hitch between first and second gear when cold, but that's getting better as she breaks in.
Thanks, 01Hoofbeat. I knew somebody would try that. It certainly is obvious when you hold the RPM's on a plateau. When you hold the accellerator, something in the motor floats and the noise is obvious. I don't know if it's pistons, valve stuff, chains, or whatever, but it isn't obvious under load conditions.

I've also noticed that the sound is somewhat present at all times, even after warmup. It's just far less noticable and way up in the higher RPM's, over 4200 or so.

Thanks for your efforts. You're proving out the validity of this issue very well.
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