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Just Shoot Me and Put Me Out of My Misery

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I arrived at work yesterday and can now say that I've probably seen everything automotive. Sitting in the parking garage was a white, 4 dr. Dodge Neon ricer complete with obligatory coffee can and overdone ground effects. All that was missing was a Dodge R/T sticker.
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That's nuthin'...
How about a Hyundai hatchback with 'touring car' rear wing, yellow painted drum brakes, fake slotted disks and 4" dia tach on the dash.

Maybe its the water in Texas... or lack of...
lol yeah i hear you guys, i have this chick up the street from me that has a riced out civic. So the other day driving to my buddy's house I saw her on the road and i made sure that threw the car into a lower gear (just so she can hear what a real car sounds like) :grin: .
--War Hawk
Check out this site, this guy really knows how to make fun of RICE.

The Neon was bad enough. No. 738 showed a black Civic sporting NSX badges what real HP and torque is all about.

Badges and coffee cans don't make the man.
if ya think that is bad my buddy just got his ass handed to him by a neon.....turning a 9.20 1/4mi my friend runs a 12oohp 9.90 viper gts. he was rather embarrased
Obviously, the 9.2 Neon was not exactly stock with typical ricer mods.
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