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K & N Air Filter

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This may be a stupid question but I am not very mechanically inclined. I bought a K & N air filter as they were on sale at the local Schucks (I admit I am a sucker for a sale). I know you are supposed to oil them, and it came with a little oil and cleaning kit, but do they come pre-oiled for the first use? In the oiling instructions it says that the filter is white and their oil is dyed red so that you can tell where you oiled it, and my filter is all red. Am I correct in assuming that I only need to oil it after subsequent cleanings?
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They usually come packaged in a plastic bag and tell you on the bag that it is pre-oiled.was yours opened or still in the bag??
In a bag, and if I would have looked at the bag rather than just tossing it aside, I would have noticed the words 'pre-oiled' written all over it. :wink:

ivan, what's the K & N part # for a 2001 GT(Bullitt)??????
what do you think after you got it installed??
As I lower my head in shame, I must confess that I accidently grabbed the wrong filter (I thought it looked small). Even though I checked the code 3-4 times I still grabbed the 3.8 liter version. :sad: Now I must go back and hope they will give me an exchange. I believe the correct part is E-0945, as opposed to E-940 which I mistakenly picked up. I will let you all know my impression when I get it done. :wink:
LOL Ivan! if that's the only auto parts mistake you ever made, you're doing pretty damn well. i imagine we all have had our share of homer simpson moments!!!
Whaddya mean Windsor/Cleveland or Modified!?! I just need a rebuild kit and heads for my 351 dammit!!

Ahhh.. the good ol days.. :smile:

Don't feel bad Ivan. We've all been there/done that. I didn't even bother to look up my K&N number.. I just skipped to the service counter and had them do the work for me. :wink:
I must be gettin' lazy.
Well I got the right filter and it finally stopped raining long enough for me to put it in. It seems to work fine. I think I sense a little more pickup, but I could just be imagining things. I don't think my rear-end is really sensitive enough to detect the difference between 265 and 268 hp. :wink: One thing I definitely noticed is the sound difference. I now get a bit of a high pitched whooshing sound coming from the engine. It is a little annoying, but I will probably get used to it. I am assuming it this from the change in airflow and not some mistake I made. I hope.
believe you are correct Ivan. my last 2 GT's sounded a little different after K & N's. barely noticable but just enough to hear. more air = more sound
Got to have the Whoosh Ivan!

It makes the fun factor go to 11!

I remember on my 99 Lightning when I put in a PSP air filter kit. I remember going WOT with it and the sound was similar to "mating lions". Very cool and very mean!!!! A loud RRRRRRRRR!

LOL! :smile: :smile: :smile:

Paul G.l
LOL! Mating Lions!!
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