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I have never liked the K/N stuff simply because I have had problems with it in the past. I won't re-hash on old articles, postings, etc. but I did a fairly decent test a few years back when I had a 95 LT-1 Z28. Safe to say, the stock paper one does just fine for me. After a couple of months of running your K/N, check your intake tube (after the filter) to see if it is clean. If it is, you are ok. If it isn't, will probably not a thin layer of fine dust coating the inside of the tube. You have had a whole lot of small particles getting into your engine.

A company called Outerwears ( makes a thin pre-filter that slips over the stock filter to prevent a lot of that stuff from getting by the K/N. I had this on my 99 Lightning and it seemed to be working well. Could be just some simple insurance IMHO.

Just check it to be safe, that is all I am saying. (I am not affiliated with the company posted above...just passing on some info for us Bullittheads!)

Paul G.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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