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K&N vs. Green Filter

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So I have been running K&N air filter for years without even thinking about it. A couple days ago a friend recommended a new filter called Green Filter air filters. So I want everyone opinions on it. Below are the links to K&N Filters and Green Filters. Let me know your thoughts and opinions.
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Personally, I use the stock Factory Ford Racing air filter. I just don't really like the oiled filter because if used improperly, it can cause damage. I have yet to see any reason to go with the K&N.

I do use a K&N on my Ranger. Only because that was on the truck when I purchased it. I do clean and oil that filter regularly. This truck is driven a lot (well over 300,000 miles) so K&N may be worthwhile in this case but I would, most likely, not purchased one if it was not on it when I bought the truck.

As far a Green Filter. I have considered that several times but mostly for the color (green) to go with my Green Bullitt. I do not think it has any performance advantage over the Ford Racing filter so it would just be for looks. But, since I have several stock Ford Racing filters in my garage, I will just "play it safe" and stay with what I have.
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