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Kentucky Speedway Track Day Sat Nov 7th, 2009

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Please feel free to join us for the Kentucky Speedway Day, Sat Nov 7th (Weather permitting). The Tri-State Mustang Club will be meeting at 9:30 AM at the I-75/I-71 rest stop, southbound side, in Northern KY, right before the I-75 and I-71 split. When you spend $40 or more in the gift shop, you get 3+ laps around the track. Last year they let us go about 95 MPH (I know, we all want to go faster!). We had a blast last year. This is a dry weather event ONLY!


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DAMN! (I KEEP missing all the KY and Ohio FUN!)

Hey Fellas!
GLAD to see you all keepin' the BULLITT BLOOD FLOWING down there!! SORRY I missed this last one; but Spring is coming!!! When's the next Speedway Event/Adventure or hell, even a "Dunkin' Donuts RALLY!?!?' (Can you tell I've got Cabin FEVER!?! All my BULLITTS and ain't none of 'em fit to be driving in this NASTY weather! UGH!)

Take care guys and remember: "AROD!!" ; >

-John "J1B!"
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