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On another message board I was reading how many 2001 owners were experiencing a knocking at cold start up that would last for about a second before quiting. I believe that a few here may have had the same thing. I just thought of something about this problem, for anyone having this problem....
What oil filter and oil are you using?
When trying different oil filters on my 95 T-Bird I came across some that would allow the engine to KNOCK for about a half a second on cold starts.

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Sounds like some have poor anti-drain back valves in them. So far, I have stuck with Ford filters. Purolatro Pure One filters are quite good too. Used them on the Talon under full out racing conditions.

There was a great disertation on filters on the web with pictures of all the brands cut open and analyzed. Unfortunately, I don't have the URL for it any longer.

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