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i'll open this with a question. has anyone replaced tires due to tread were yet??? i am close.

raced a turbo civic that was running 25 lbs of boost. it was actually the closest race i have ran yet. i was only 1/2 a car length ahead at 90mph. he took my for a ride after and i watched the boost gauge just to make sure that was true. sure enough 25lbs. i was actually impressed by that, i am sure he spent a years worth of pay to build the motor to hold that.

second race was a 300zx that had sick (old) turbos. and i whooped up on him. the civic beat him.

i want to race a 300z with a fresh motor to see really how fast they are.

another ??? where does every one launch from at the track/race. i go from 2k rpm and still spin the tires all the way till redline and into second, they chirp into third...
if anyone can help me out to reduce my wheel spin and get better launches let me know

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