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Ok...I am going nuts here. I THINK my Bullitt is leaning (lower) on the passenger side. BUT I am not sure. I can tell u it is driving me nuts.

I have gone as far as measuring up from the ground to common points on both sides (ie. seams in the body, etc). Measuring indicated that the right side is about 1/4" lower front and back, but this may be normal?? I mean, would something as simple as level of fuel in the tank cause this? Also, here in SoCal, the roads are convex to allow water runoff but I have never noticed it this pronounced. The car FEELS like it leans more than 1/4" and it feels like it is more in the front than the back. Could I have bent something in the suspension taking a dip too hard or something?? Or maybe it is something normal that I am noticing only now and obsessing over.

I just don't want to give it to the dealer for this because I don't trust them enough not to f it up. But I personally don't know enough to identify a prob IF there really is one.

Like I say, I know it sounds crazy but it is driving me nuts.
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Try a search in some of the earlier posts about this problem it was identified by a few of the first Bullit owners.
I remember someone found a right rear coil spring wasn't seated properly, causing his to lean. I'd look there first.

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Thanks fellas...found it...I have no doubt the spring is the p*sses me off that I have to go without the car at somepoint though while this gets fixed!
I think you're going to be lucky if you get a fix. Mine leans to driver's side and my fat butt doesn't help! Springs are properly seated and the fix for me is not in sight. I think if we all measured our Bullitts, we'd find that many are not quite level. All of the SN95s have been prone to this, particularly the driver's side lean.
My 2001 Gt was 3/8" Lower on right front; 1/4" right rear.
My Bullitt is 1/4" lower left front; 1/4" lower right rear.
My wife's BMW is 1/4" lower on right side.

Try not to worry about it.
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