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Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

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Hi. I cleaned my seats today with Turtle Wax Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. This is the product I used on my 94 GT with tan leather. It worked great on the tan leather. However, after using it on my Bullitt I would say the leather is three shades darker now. I kinda regret putting it on now. The seats lost that "fuzzy" feeling. Has anyone found a product that works good on this dark charcoal leather? Thanks.

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Zaino - smells nice too!
Meguiars makes a great leather cleaner/conditioner. My friend has used it on his 95 GT ragtop and the seats look like brand new. Meguiars has a toll free hotline to help with ANY car care need for finishes, seats, etc.
Thanks. I'll give that Meguiars a shot. I am going to have to wait a few weeks for the Turtle Wax stuff to wear off.

Zaino, and it maitains that nice new leather smell!
I'm confused. I thought Zaino was an exterior paint finish product. Do they make a decent interior product, too. I was going to use Armor-All on the vinyl and plastic and look for some leather stuff specifically for the seats. Thanks!
Yeah they make leather cleaner and conditioner too. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from them. We'll see how it works.
I have used Griot's Garage leather product. It goes in, didn't change the color once absorbed, and even smells like leather. I tried it on my wife's new leather in her new car and it worked well there too. Being my first leather product to use, I recommend it based on my results so far.

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