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Legend Lives Tour Summary thread

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This thread is being posted in the National Events, as well as all regional/state forums that the Legend Lives Tour will pass through.

What is the Legend Lives Tour?
Legend Lives Tour is a week long event that will provide an organized drive across Route 66, from Chicago to California, starting Memorial Day Weekend Saturday May 26 thru Friday June 1.

Legend Lives Tour is organized by HoonDog Events Inc.
Who is HoonDog? HoonDog is a Non-Profit corporation formed by the original Bullitt event organizers of the past decade. The charter is to provide a new basis for Bullitt events as charitable ventures to support Boys Republic...introducing Boys Republic as a Bullitt family focal charity.
For more information about HoonDog, the Legend Lives Tour, Hotels and nightly stop schedule, registration, donation avenue for Boys Republic, etc, please go to

What is Boys Republic?
Boys Republic is a private, non-profit non sectarian school for disadvantaged youth. This school has been in operation since 1907, and has successfully led at risk boys and girls to productive responsible adulthood. What is the connection with Bullitt? Steve McQueen, the basis and 'namesake' for our cars, was once himself a student at Boys Republic. The McQueen Family Foundation continue to support Boys Republic. Choosing Boys Republic as the Bullitt family charity pays respect to the McQueen legacy, but more importantly to a worthy cause supporting our youth. For more information on Boys Republic, please go to

The Legend Lives Tour is partnering with The Friends of Steve McQueen (FosM) Show, where the LL Tour terminates in Chino Hills and ends with participation in the FoSM show. What is FoSM? FoSM is organized by Chad McQueen, the late actors son, and is an annual car show that pays homage to one of the late actors movies. For 2012, the FoSM theme is honoring the movie Bullitt. Both LL and FoSM are charitable events that support Boys Republic. The FoSM show has two main attributes. A friday night celebrity charity dinner on June 1, and the car show on Saturday June 2, both of which will be held on the campus of Boys Republic. For more information on FoSM, registration, etc, please go to

How can you participate?
If you would like to attend either or both events, please check out the sites noted above for specific registration information

You can participate in the entire event, or, in the case of the Legend Lives Tour, you can also participate regionally for partial, whole, or several days...or...come say hi at one of our evening stops. If you want more detailed info about any given days itinerary, please contact us at [email protected]

You can participate by providing a tax deductable donation to Boys Republic. This is something EVERYONE in the Bullitt community can do to support this new Bullitt family charity. Whether you can donate $5 or $500, all donations in any amount is greatfully appreciated. Do it for the kids! Please see and go to the Legend Lives registration page to donate. You can also send via Paypay to [email protected], or, send us a check (please contact us for mailing instructions at same email).

HoonDog Events is also an authorized dealer of Michael Irvine prints. The cost is the same as if you ordered it from Michael Irvine, however, if you order through us a percentage of the sale will be donated to Boys Republic. If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact us. To see Michaels artwork and offerings that you can order thru us, please go to

If you need any specific information, please feel free to contact us per the above.
We hope that everyone can find some way to participate, and be a part of these great events....all in support of the kids of Boys Republic!
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