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Lighted Vanity Mirrors

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Am I the only one with lighted vanity mirrors? What about any of the other Canadian Bullitt owners? Is this just something specific to us?
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Oh No! Another Bullitt screw-up! I suggest you take it right back to the dealer. Better yet, write Art Hyde. :lol:
I got my Bullitt in Canada as well, and mine came with the Ashtray/Lighter kit as well as the Lit Vanity mirrors. And I paid $1500 Under sticker!! :lol:
Nah, when it's a screw up that makes it better, I'm not sure I'd want the dealer to change it.

That's a real rare one. Maybe Art would simply respond in an e-mail that the owner could print out and retain with all the other documentation, to prove it wasn't a mod 20 years from now.

I think it's like getting a bench seat with tri-power by accident or something. It's cool!
Actually those features are unique to Canadian Mustangs. It is the same with the Mach 460 stereo, it was an option in the U.S. and standard in Canada.
All Canadian Mustangs get Lighted Vanity Mirrors Standard.
Y2K was just kidding 01. he's been around cars for a while!
wonder why Canadaian cars need lighted vanity mirrors and the US of A doesn't?
are Canadians a little more vain than we are?
do they give mostly bad haircuts in Canada?
make-up doesn't last as long in sub zero weather??

(ok, Hosers don't get PO'd, those are ALL jokes)
Since the Canadian cars are lighted, it pretty safe to say that we could order the visors and install it. Whether I have them or not at least they're out there. I only wish the car came with lighted door switches.
We also get block heaters in our cars, it was the first thing I removed.
OK We Canadians got the good stuff cuss we are metric. The block heater is good for 3 hp if you have a long enough cord. We can't tell how fast we are going because our speedo is in clicks. We need the lighted vanity mirrors to heat the seats in the winter. You US guys should of got sun roofs hahahahahahaha
BTW I have daytime running lights (the only car at team mustang with them.) (I didn't win a prize)
Blk Bullitt #2754
It's the same reason why so many of our women end up in Playboy. They have got to look good so someone thought that we should have that little "extra" feature.


Paul G.
Maybe it is just because we have that 6 months of complete darkness.
For 2001 the only cars that cannot get lighted vanity mirrors are USA LX and GT coupes. The USA Cobra Coupes have them standard. At one time it was a seperate orderable (is that a word?) option. Not any more.
paul, jj, & bullitbill, excellent comments!!!
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