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Liscence Plate Covers:

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I still have on the liscence plate covers that the dealer gives you with their name on it. Looks real tacky. I am waiting to find the perfect frames like with mustangs running on the sides of them and then having a plate engraver put at the top 2001 and at the bottom BULLITT. Can anyone help me out if they have seen frames with running horses on them or anything of the like? Any other ideas for frames? I guess I can always go to the mall and just get the chrome ones and have them engrave the 2001 BULLITT on the top and bottom if I REALLY have to! :wink:

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Here ya go Vicki. Take a look at these. The company will also do custom work but I am sure they could make the top wider and engrave Bullitt for you for a nominal fee. I got a few interior pieces from them and they are very nice. If you do get a price quote let them know there is a possibility of many people being interested. Possibly group purchase. I think it would be a perfect accent. And not something gaudy like a billet grill.

2001 Bullitt Mustang #929
Mach 460
ATS sequential taillights
MGW aluminum door lock pins + E brake handle cover.
Windows Limo Tinted
FR500 Steering Wheel
Steeda Tri-Ax for T3650
Mufflers removed
Air Sil

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I emailed MGW. Asked if they could produce a "Bullitt" version of their frame and if they could put 1968/2001 in the spots where they have the ponys.

Thanks for the addy Lok N lod. $75.00 seems quite expensive, tho. Thanks FordBullitt for requesting the 68/70 engraving. I will wait to see what comes of your e-mail and go from there!

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