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Located BULLITT# 5022

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I was coming back from taking my son to
his Tae Kwon Do class and seen this car in
my rear view...went hmmm...that is certainly a Mustang but it is was a bit dark and I only notice the headlight pattern.
The guy came around me and we pulled to the light. I rolled down my window and he did too. Sure enough he had #5022. Would have went for a bit of fun but we were at a T-section and going opposite directions and like I said, I had the kids in the car.
I'll mess around by myself, but not with my babies. Anyway...that was in Norman, Ok. Home of the Sooner's...ugh!!! I am a Hoosier, going home in May...can't wait.


Dark Highland Green BULLITT #805
Mods: - ATS Sequential tailights,
CDC Remote fueldoor,
CDC quad fog lights,
MGW satin A/C knobs, E-brake,
headlight switch, and Bullitt #805
shifter knob,
H&R 30mm wheel spacers
More to come....INW

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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