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I inquired about the car on Facebook during the winter....a nice car with a few mods. I believe he also has some NOS parts included with the sale.

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I am selling mine, located in SF Bay Area, 43k miles, bought it with 41k in December. Selling because I want to scratch a 12 cylinder itch. I think it was a 2 owner car prior and lived all its life in SD/ND. Looking to get 16k - recoup what I paid for it and some of the 3k+ in service and new parts.

- Returned to 99% stock After purchase (removed a K&N CAI, aftermarket rear view mirror and a non factory fuel door)

The only non stock items now are Bilstein HD shocks (original ones leaked and NOS fronts no longer available), LED (4000k not the blue ones) license plate, interior and trunk lights, an aux input adapter. I can remove this if you dont want it
  • all records
  • tires are from 2019 dot code 2019
  • a minor dimple dent in passenger side rear quarter panel (would come out with PDR)
  • rock chips in front bumper, rear bumper and rear quarter panels due to highway driving from past life I assume - pretty normal for a 40k mile car that’s highway driven I think

‘recent services (all dealer service all factory parts)
  • dec 2020 41k miles - Napa ford - brake fluid flush, diff oil change, trans oil change, PS fluid change, oil change Mobil 1 0w-20
  • Dec 2020 - Sonoma chevrolet (I know.. good guys though and have the hunter machine) 4 wheel road force balance, four wheel alignment, installed 4 new Bilstein hd shocks and 2 Bilstein quad shocks
  • feb 2020 - Santa Rosa Ford - fixed some leaking o ring/rubber thing on the trans, topped up fluid, replaced all 8 plugs and coil packs

new parts in my short ownership (all receipts documented)
  • new OE headlights, old ones were pitted and patchy inside
  • new bulbs all around, Philips 4000K LEDs for license plate and interior lights, Philips extreme vision h13s for headlights
  • new trunk struts
  • new fuel door cover (factory new old stock)
  • new left rear tail light (old one leaked)
  • replaced all the nuts for the taillight with new ones w/ the rubber washers
  • replaced a couple of missing trim fasteners
  • new idle control valve (just because..)
  • CA Arts plate like the ones on the promo pictures from Ford - you can keep them or transfer if you are in CA
  • new motorcraft wiper blades
  • touched up wiper arms and antenna with matte black paint

other accessories
  • aux input
  • rubber mats, the stock ones come with the car
  • windshield sun shade
  • mustang license plate frame for the rear plate

known issues/imperfections (I am OCD)
  • I think the original spare tire does not hold air - loses 1 lb every two days. Haven’t bothered to replace / fix it
  • I think the idle is slightly rough but dealer says it’s normal so it is - checked all codes/trims and all look normal, checked engine and motor mounts look good
  • road rash on front bumper, a bit on front part of hood, and lower part of the rear quarter panels and rear bumper by the tires

will take some newer pictures as soon as I can get it washed since it’s covered in pollen now :(

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holson, thanks for responding.Sounds like you have done quite a bit of work to get your car in good shape. I am in Daytona Beach Fla. so probably want to find something a little closer.
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