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Magnaflow X-pipe installled...............Pics inside

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Hey everyone,
Yes its been a busy couple of weeks for #2610. I'd figure i share some pics on how the install went.

Photo #1
Here's a pic of the X-pipe waiting to be installed

Photo #2
Here's my bullit all in peices with her new friend, my buddy's 1970 Ford Cyclone GT

Photo #3
Here's a side by side comparison of the new x-pipe and the old stock H-pipe

Photo #4
The Final shot. Here's a pic of the new X-pipe installed.

Yes i can feal a slight increase in HP. As for the sound of the car, its great. Its a little louder at idle, but when the car is over 4k RPMs, she sounds awesome. Now all i need is mufflers :grin:
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VERY nice pics War Hawk!!
thank you for sharing the pics and process.
one of the other members here swore that he was in love with the Borla cat-back....i'd look into a bunch of them before i made a decision.
heck, post a topic asking for feed back on ALL aftermarket cat-backs and you'll get plenty of feedback here!!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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