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I mailed out all patch orders that have paid today. I also mailed all coins that were ordered without cases. The coin orders that were ordered with cases I'm holding off on until I can find out if they were shipped seperately.

I still need money from;

Texasbullitt 2 DHG $28
Wonbullitt0647 2 DHG $28
TrueBlueBullitt 1 TB $14
Chilli Bullitt 2 DHG $28
DansBlack#3231 2 BLK $28
Bullitt5217 2 DHG $28

If your name appears here, please go to the store and make a payment.

Those of you who want me to send their coins without the cases, pm me and I'll send the cases when they arrive.

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Thanks for the update Wade.

BTW, your signature is incredible!
Nice Job! :smile:

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Got my patches in the mail this past Tuesday. They look super!! Great job, Wade!

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