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Max Cruz's Dyno Results for 3207

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On 2002-03-11 10:08, Max Cruz wrote:
With 100 shot of NO2


Max Cruz,

Let me ask you a question.....are you using a wet or dry kit? You go REALLY LEAN when you spray. I can't imagine that it's safe being that lean. Am I missing something here?

BLACK #5434 - Steeda Triax & Pullies & T/A, JBA shorties, Magnaflow X w/cats & cat-back, Alum. Driveshaft, 80mm C&L MAF w/K&N, MAFterburnerTM - 254.0rwhp/ 298.1rwtq SAE (CF=0.96)

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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