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I talked with the Vice Pres of the Mustang Club of America. Very cool guy and I hope to meet him. Here's a summary.

The MCA has decided that they would structure the event much like a SCCA or similar event. In order to participate you need to be a member. For those that road race you are familiar with this. You have to be a member to race/drive the road course.

The other reason is money. It takes a hugh amount of money as everyone can imagine to run an event this size. With people coming in from all over the world it will be a major event! Just to rent the location, Barber, is a sizable investment. Where does MCA get the majority of their income? Through memberships. I can tell you from experience that the $35 they are charging probably will just pay for the awards and the goodie bags but not much else.

When I asked about the non profit rumor, he laughed. They want to make money on this event to be able to have seed money for future events. Ford does chip in but they can't provide all the funds needed to run an event this size. I will post up other parts of the discussion but I wanted to get this out so everyone got it straight from the source.
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