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Mechanics help?

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For any Mechanics here: My daily driver is an '03 Taurus SE with the 3.0 V-6. It has 96,000 miles and I have had to replace coil pack and plugs three times since '05. #1 Plug is burnt to a crisp each time. Any ideas if this is a 'normal' problem with the Taurus?
P.S. - the car was built on a Saturday overtime run - having worked in a factory, I know how well things built on Mondays & Fridays are. (LOL) Thanks in advance for any assist.
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Did you get this figured out?

If not, I had a '98 vulcan Taurus bought it in '05 w/15k miles got rid out it last Aug. w/160k.

It would stumble when accelerating, changed plugs same thing after ~ 1k miles, ran them for many miles. Changed and again same thing. Next change finally switched to NGK's never had another issue.

In '13 the CEL came on which it did off n on over the years, and usually meant the gas cap wasn't sealing very good but this time cleaning and replacing the cap didn't fix it. Finally pulled a code and had to replace the MAP sensor.

I would routinely get 26-28MPG on the highway. RP oil @ 5-8k OCI.

Most likely the "smoking grill" is from an oil filter leak, not tight, if your smelling burnt oil. If not then it's steam coming off of the rad. from condensation or rain etc.. Mine did the same things at different times.
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