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Mechanics help?

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For any Mechanics here: My daily driver is an '03 Taurus SE with the 3.0 V-6. It has 96,000 miles and I have had to replace coil pack and plugs three times since '05. #1 Plug is burnt to a crisp each time. Any ideas if this is a 'normal' problem with the Taurus?
P.S. - the car was built on a Saturday overtime run - having worked in a factory, I know how well things built on Mondays & Fridays are. (LOL) Thanks in advance for any assist.
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Sorry, it' the Vulcan 12 valve. Plugs are the factory spec Motorcraft. Installed and settings done by dealership mechs. This is the first time a "check engine light" has came on.

First thing I notice is the gas mileage drops, then it begins to run rough. It got so bad this time I had to keep on the accelerator at stop lights to keep it running to take to dealership. This all occurred over 3 - 5 days.

When it runs good, it gets 19 - 21 mpg. Develops great power and acceleration it does use about 1 quart of oil every 3000 miles. Doesn't leak, just smokes it out from around the grill area. I can smell the oil after engine warms up.
I don't have the code it gave written down, if I recall correctly, it was something to do with an EGR (or ECM ?) sensor. Basically, it translated to checking the spark controls, the condition of the spark plugs/wires, and the coil pack unit. When the service supervisor called me - that was what he said had been done and that it needed the replacement of the coil pack & plugs. The wires were okay,and they re-calibrated the settings after the physical items were replaced.
I did mention to him that this was the third time for those same items, he acknowledged that it is in the service history, but that he didn't know what was causing them to burn up. I joked about it being a 'lemon' but he didn't seem to see the humor in that.

Tomorrow morning when I get off work, I'll look at the work order to see if it has the code or specifically what it says.
Appreciate the help!
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Hi,looked on work order - no codes written down. Just says to diagnose the CEL indicator, problem marked as Coil Pac and spark plugs. Items replaced, and part numbers included. (Plus a $458.00 bill).
Thanks for trying to help.
Gave up on part of it - the oil leak is from the crankshaft seal at the front of the engine block. Needs rebuild to fix - bore out hole, use uniform oversize bearings ring and seal. All the other gaskets have been replaced (oil pan, valve covers,timing chain cover). As far as the plugs & coil packs, was wondering if a hot rod approach would work? After market V-6 Mustang "hotter" set up?
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