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Met the "father" of our Bullitt's intake manifold...!!

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Did I mention this was a great Bullitt day at the drag strip?
While roaming the pits,I notice a familiar yellow Mustang,with Livernois graphics,on the sides,then the trailer with Michigan plates, then recognize two familar faces...Barry and Roxanne Shepard and the "Tweety Bird" Mustang!!!
For those that don't know, Barry was a key developer and tester of the SVO intake manifold,from which the Bullitt intake was made from.
I asked why they made the long trip to Va.,for our little race event?
Well,they said they have recently moved to Va.,and this will,most likely be their home track...VMP !!
Spent some time trying to gather some secret info. on how to make my Bullitt a little faster yet!
What a surprise! And "Tweety Bird" is still running a Vortech charged 2V engine,with an aluminum block, and in the 9.60's!!!
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That's pretty cool :cool: So, what secrets did you discover?
rangerdoc said:
That's pretty cool :cool: So, what secrets did you discover?
Can't let the little tweety bird out the cage yet!
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