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MGW AC Knobs

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I bought a bunch of MGW accessories for my interior and I don't really like the AC knobs. I remember them having a small allen wrench screw in them...but that is under the AC panel now. Does anyone know how to get these suckers off?
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Those are a bitch to try and take off! I am glad I like mine! I just would like MGW to make the illuminated window green to match the rest of the dash.
I took a look at the factory knobs, and I was thinking if one went to a photographic store and picked up a green gel, it could be cut and placed over the little hole on the underside of the knobs. I got satin. The knob and the knobs are close enough. I make sure to drive around with my fog lights on, and tc off, so my center console is multi-colored :smile:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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