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I'm not sure another MGW shifter installation justifies a new thread, but I fugured what they hey, why not? This turned out long, so if you're not willing to invest some time, you should probably move along :lol:

Soup to nuts, the installation took me 5-6 hours. That's horrendously long, I understand. But I'm including all the time it took me to dig out my ramps, find out the valance doesn't allow me to drive up them :evil: , looking around for wood or something else to get me up the ramps, not finding any :evil: , researching where to jack up and block the car, being ridiculously paranoid about using old jackstands, etc. It was a bit of a comedy of errors at first. Several tasks took longer than I would have hoped, and I was taking my time and trying to do it right and use the dynamat as effectively as possible.

I used the written MGW documentation and for the install. TacoBill's procedure seems to have been used for at least one of the MGW videos. it's a really good write up and does make it appear relatively easy. In fact it makes it look so easy it's deceptive. With the driveshaft out as in Bill's doc, it looks SOOOO much simpler. If you're doing this and comfortable with removal, I'd highly recommend it.

I won't go into detail about the procedure since it's easy to find out how to do it elsewhere. A few things ended up being problematic for me. The first was removing the old shifter. It probably took me 15 minutes for this alone. I ended up crawling under and basically pushing it out. I also had a hard time connecting the device that bolts onto the transmission. The MGW doc didn't do a good job of describing how it went in and it's really tight.

In another thread, someone mentioned a sound deadener that he wasn't sure that was a Bullitt or generic 08 feature. Well bascially, it's a hard fibrous felt-like blanket that's installed on the undercarriage from the shifter area forward. Well, that's probably a good thing in every way except assiting with the installation of a shifter. Where it's already really tight, it's even tighter. This added a little more difficulty. I just ran the dynamat over it in some places since I didn't want to cut it out.

So let me just pre-warn anyone interested in this project, it's not easy. I made it twice as hard on myself with crappy jack stands and a cheesy jack. A nice floor jack and stands like in TacoBill's doc may have made all the difference. His car is up about 6" higher than mine. I was squirming around on rough ground--not exactly fun. I'm pretty handy with the tools but wouldn't want to do this project again without setting myself up better. If you've got all the right stuff and comfortable garage floor, go for it. If you have access to a lift, I assume it would be pretty simple.

OK, enough whining. The shifter rocks. It's accurate and fast. It's probably the best $300 performance mod for your Bullitt. I can't compare it to other after-market kits, but it puts the original to shame. I didn't get a chance to put a lot of miles on it, but I did go through the gears hard a few times and it's very crisp. I did miss a down shift to 2nd and twice I started from a stop in third, but I assume that I'll get used to the stronger spring in no time. I'd highly recommend it, but wanted to warn a casual weekender like me that it's a little more difficult than meets the eye.

Oh and since I know people will ask, you cannot tell it's installed. Original shift ball, same height, no one could ever tell.

Good luck Terry!

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That's some good information Peter.

It's good to have a 'real world experience' before going in to a project and you have provided it.

Because of you I will now:
* Use my iPod for tunes due to the length of this maneuver
* Stock up on more booze for the after install celebration

Thanks for the write up!

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I'm really glad I saw this Follow-Up Post on the Install............

Hey Peter,

I did respond to your other Post on the other Thread.

But now that I have read these comments from you I know my other Post was Spot-On.

Sounds like the MGW Shifter is very nice.

But I will when the money on my end is right have a Tech at the Acura dealer I work for do the install. As you point out here, it would be much easier up on a lift and with the drive shaft removed.

A Dealership service dept. has all of this much needed equipment to make the install much less painful.

Thanks, for taking the time to post here and for really being so Very Honest. It is nice to read Post when the Member does not Sugar Coat what they really went through to do an install like the MGW Shifter as an example.

I take it you used the Stock Ball. I say that because your comment says you cannot tell anything has been changed.

The Summer HEAT here which is already High 90's is making the Stock Metal Knob
Very Hard on the (Tender-Hands) :lol:

So, I am going to order the MGW Shifter Know "Below" and see how it "LOOKS & FEELS".
If I like it I will use it and save the Stock Knob.
I'm not Showing the Bullitt so I will go for what Works Best and Feels Better.

I'm very much considering this MGW Custom Knob:

Thanks again for being so Direct in Your Post. It just "Confirms" to me that I will have it Installed. :smile:

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