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Mid America Registration Form

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Here is the registration form for the Mid America event. If you want to particpate in the open road course, register early. The slots will fill up fast.


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Right on the money. They do not take registrations like we do for the Nats. You have to print it, fill it out and send it in. I would agree to copy your materials.
On Thursday it will be registration at the hotel. Most everyone will be coming in on Thursday afternoon. So most just hang around the hotel or go to the car wash to clean the car after the drive.
Nope. Just spectating unless you are racing which you aren't. But it is two different venues and two days plus the car show on Sunday. That's why it's $6.99 to register for the nats!!!
Read this post:

Mid America Events are totally separate from Nationals events. You must register with Mid America to attend any of their events.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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