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This next Saturday, 02/06/21 wiil be the Mid FL Mustang Club (Orlando) annual Mustang and Ford Powered show. It is Longwood, just north of Orlando, a quaint old FL town with cobblestone streets and century old live oaks shading the streets. The town closes off several downtown blocks for the show and the residents selling food in their front yards. Close to Mayberry...
There is usually FL Bullitthead chatter about this show way before this, but in this weird year, NONE.

First, if any FL or southern Bullittheads feel like having a nice outdoor show day, with weather in the low 70's and partly cloudy, ROADTRIP! Formal registration is closed, but day of show is available. No formal judging for day of show registration, just popular vote, but what the heck, Lt Frank Bullitt drove a dirty Mustang. Just show up and enjoy. Screw detailing, just enjoy.
There will still be event t-shirts for sale. Registration and t-shirt sales go to charity. If you have questions about attending, PM me.
Currently there are 180+ cars formally entered, with more expected day of show registered. WOW! Typical Covid protocols are in effect. Food trucks and the use of City Hall for rest and bathrooms. DJ broadcasting classic car rock music. Demos by the local police K9 teams. The mayor and police chief meandering, fire trucks, first responder helicopter. Again, close to Mayberry.
Normally there is a good show of Bullitts. My confidential source advised just one 01 Bullitt. Matt 08 is chief judge. Rick (grand slam 01, 08, 18) is judging. Due to totally excusable issues, Ed and Brian are not showing.

And we are committing total Bullitt heresy. Who ever expected the Bullitt inquisition? We are driving down from Tallahassee in Susan's 04 Thunderbird Pacific Coast edition, #212/1000, which was quid pro quo when I got the 19 BULLIT2. I am prepping it for her first show. The 08 and 19 will stay at home in the stable. This is our first roadtrip since the ad hoc 20 Bullitt Nats Mecum.

How times change?
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