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Are the best damn tool a man can have, I used to stick weld, but no more! Kay got me a Mig. So putting in her floor pans on her 67 are twice/three easier than the stupid way..... Stick welding what mooroon, what was I thinking. Like eating ice cream just warmer. Pretty welds.... less clean up No more bigger the BLOB better the job....
The 67 is now much closer to being a car again...... Quarters are on, door skins are done, tail light panel done. Need more wire to install passager seat pedastal.
Whats next you ask? Drivers floor pan, Cowel vents, right rear frame rail, everything forward of the fire wall rotted out, Mustangs Unlimited/NPD here I come for more sheet metal.
Life is good at the Ray Household, I need another 4 day holiday soon!
I love this life. Mustangs, more mustangs, Bullitt Mustangs.
Time to enjoy a cold one.
Damn I thought I was in NADDA Bullitt. Oh well!
Jimmy Ray and Kay
01 Bullitt 1007
73MACH1 351CJ
67 Fastback

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