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On 2001-06-24 17:31, chilli bullitt wrote:
actually it's just a thought. What if we were to change the picture on the main page to the one of Chad launching #1? What does everyone else think? :smile:


Well, if I could get a copy of the pic that we could have permission to use (I tried to sign us up as a media site at Wieck Media services, but Bullittclub is not in a state where they would accept us as a "media site".

The smaller pics available to the public are listed as: "Images are for public PERSONAL VIEWING ONLY. Written permission MUST be obtained from the copyright holder for any other use. All images are copyright respective corporations or organizations."

Therefore, I can't legally put them up as part of the official site (since, as webmaster and domain owner, I have legal culpability beyond a general user making a post).

Sorry. Maybe someone can jump their OWN Bullitt and get a shot? :wink:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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