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Miles per gallon.......

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From our recent trip I figured the miles per gallon to be 241/2 mpg. That is traveling between 80 and 90 mph. Except, of course, when she seems to sporatically climb to 100 and 130 mph-which was quite often! :grin:
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The best mileage I have gotten is 23.2 miles per gallon. It usually runs about 19 in everyday driving.
Best I've gotten on long freeway hauls is 21mpg, and I average 14-15mpg during the work week (mostly city driving and up/down all the local hills).

Somebody said my T45 tranny has an overdrive, but I only count four forward gears that I like to use. Maybe with some real gears (4.10's) I could be persuaded to start using fifth gear. LOL.
I just got home from NC about 15 minutes ago, approx 375 miles one way. I got 25 mpg on the way home and 27 mpg on the way there. I was cruising between 75 & 85 the whole trip. I don't know if this makes any difference or not but I have a K&N filter with silencer removed and just put on my new aluminum driveshaft. I normally get about 14/15 mpg in the city. Has anyone run out of gas yet and know the official capacity of the gas tank? I almost found out tonight after getting trapped on the HOV and my needle was buried in the red. When I finally made it to the gas station it took 14.8 gallons to fill up. Is it really 15.7 gallons?
Yeah, it's 15.7, but do you really want to use the crap & sediment at the bottom of the tank? Ford (and nearly every automaker) has the gauge read empty long before you get to empty so that you're less likely to actually run out.
Well I put a whole bunch of miles on y car in the last week. Chicago to Florida and back again.. about 3000 miles almost all highway. I've been averaging 300 miles per tank. Which is what I seem to get with all my cars. Hmmm... 300 per tank with both Escorts, 300 per tank in the Ranger, 300 per tank in the Mustang now as well. I think there's a plot here someplace...
24.95 MPG here. Running at 80 to 90 MPH.

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23 this weekend on the highway climbing hills on rt 70. i averaged around 75 mph
my trip form ohio to north carolina i averaged 24 mpg but the car is not broken in yet. i wish they had put in an extra 4 gals so you can drive 400 miles between fillups. oh by the way never let the car run out of gas. gas is used to cool the fuel pump and also i heard that the fuel pump uses the back pressure of trying to push gas to keep it from spinning to fast and burning out.
Having owned a 2001 GT before my Bullitt I can definitely say that the regular GT gets better mileage around town. The Bullitt gets great highway mileage but mine rarely does better than 15 around town. I have over 7000 miles on my car now (three oil changes) and I pretty much consider it broken in. I have not driven it very hard in terms of high RPM or speed shifting. I ocasionally sprint here and there but I am pretty easy on the car. That may have something to due with my poor mileage. On the other hand I have not been back to the dealer one time for anything. I have no transmission noise or any of the problems I have seen on this forum.
After also owning a 2001 Gt the Mileage has been the same so far. about 20-21 mpg, mostly highway miles. I was getting more like 16 mpg at first but now I'm driving a easier, especially with gas at $2 a gallon!
i think i'm doing pretty poorly!
90% of mine is city driving and i'm getting 150 to 170 miles per fill up!!!
not very good!(but i drive SO carefully and slowly!)
I am glad to see that I am not the only one that is getting 15-17 miles to the gallon in the city. I thought something was wrong.
most of my driving is hwy and at 75mph i get approx 25.... the other 25% my foot seems to be heavyier so mpg ''drops''' to about 17
The best mileage I have gotten is about 21.5 mpg and the worst is 19. This would be an average through a tank of gas with everyday driving. A mix of freeway and ciy driving. If I am more aggressive in my driving it dips to 19mpg, if not than it is around 20.5 to 21.5mpg.

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San Ramon, CA.
How are you guys getting that kind of millage? I'm getting 13 mpg between the city and highway.
I don't check 'cause I don't care! Gas could cost $2.50/gallon + and it wouldn't have changed my decision to buy 2404. I guess it helps that the gas prices have been declining since I bought over 2 months ago! :-B
my commute is 50/50 two lane and freeway, 35 to 80 mph and not being easy, after all freeway onramps go begging, but 3230 is consistent at 19-21 range. Best was breaking it in with a long freeway trip running varied speeds at about 1000 miles old: 24.6
My long trip to the Brickyard 500 in Indy netted me an average of 25.6 MPG, most of that between 70-85 MPH. Around town in Austin, I'm only getting 15.7 average, and I dont stand on it much. My in town driving is usually around 10-15 miles one way, a mix of 30-45 MPH streets and 65 MPH limited acces highways. I do think the Texas heat has been a major part of the what I consider low in town mileage.......
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