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Missouri winter. What do I do??

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I live in Missouri and I have to put my Bullitt away for the winter. What do I need to do to it before it goes into the garage for 4 or 5 months??? Are the any special precautions I need to worry about??
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Where in the Show Me State ?. Most of Bullitts in Missouri will drive their cars every day.I will park mine about the 15th of December till 1 March. But If the weather is nice and no salt I will drive "MB 4875 " on the weekends.

Black Bullitt # 4875

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I live in the very north part. 22 miles from Iowa on I-35. I imagine it will stay put away for most of the winter. Any other Show-Me Bullitts??
fletch, yes there are quite a few of us. (even me...... a moderator!) check out our posts and pics from our "cruise" earlier in this topic.
i am in search of a "beater" right now as we speak. my Bullitt is my only vehicle and i'm trying to find some decent, semi-reliable winter transportation for $1500.00 bucks or so!!!
if you don't mind, please adjust your "profile" to reflect your location like the city or something!
thanks and welcome to the club!!

mystang99 - (Marty)
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Ford Racing Alum. Driveshaft
Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter, K & N Filter,
MGW LTD-All custom Satin Bullitt Bits & Pieces

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Hello to all Bullitt owners and yes there are more bullitts in missouri. The wife and
I own TBB#2153 its the wifes daily driver
till the first snow then she gets to drive
the old beater 86 tempo (I can already hear
her and shes not a happy camper)LOL. I also
know of 2 more bullitts here in St.Joseph
1 black and 1 DHG. We love this car.

True Blue Bullitt Man

2001 True Blue Bullitt #2153
1969 Blue Mach 1 Racer 428CJ

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Well, we live close enough to Missouri. I live right outside Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas..
Karl, my wife is the one who registered TB bullitt #2153 on the registry here at the
bullitt club web site. I just checked the
registry and she has registered #2153 as
ms mustang......#2153, ms mustang is her screen name for herself on the bullit club web site and thanks for the welcome here at bullitt club, she has posted a couple of times here on the site, she also was registered here herself before I left blue
oval site to come over here to this
web site it is the best of all sites IMHO.:smile:
TBBM: I will put your name on the Registry, too, along with hers!
it doesn't snow every day in MO. i used to live in KC and before that South of SPringfield. You are still planning to drive it on nice days, right?

I live in N CO and plan to drive mine year around, unless we get more than 5 inches. and will drive it then as long as they do a decent job on the roads.

Ofcourse i still have a 4X4 and a front wheel drive if i need them.
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On 2001-12-15 17:33, TwoStangWmn wrote:
TBBM: I will put your name on the Registry, too, along with hers!

Thankyou so very much Vicki, I like that the registry now shows that the wife and I both own TBB#2153.
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