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Mod #2...custom Upper control arms

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This is my second mod. I say "custom" because I purchased a set of the Ford Motorsport Upper control arms from Summit Racing and proceeded to "box" them in by welding some metal plates throught the main gusset of the control arm. These arms are equiped with a harder durometer bushing and I was looking for something that would stiffen up the rear without being too drastic of a change. The stock arms are prone to much deflection due to their open shape. Installation and removal was a breeze.

All in all, I was very happy with this simple mod! It does make a difference on corner handling and on the initial launch!

Here are some accompanying pictures for comparison:

These are the stock arms.

This picture shows the 2 arms. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the modified one before painting it. Oh can still see the welded plate up the center of the new arm.

This picture give a better look at the boxed mod arms.

Stay tuned for my next mods:
-reinforcing of the lower control arms
-welding of subframes
-fabrication of custom seat support that is welded to the subframe (reinforces the floorpan in this area)

Paul G.
DHG Bullitt # 2181
Steeda Tri-AX, Aluminum D-shaft

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nice pics paul!! keep us posted.
does it ride any rougher or about the same?? rides about the same. I haven't noticed any extra harshness. I notice that the rear stays planted much more during accelleration and cornering.

Thx for the reply!

Paul G.
I meant to add something to my original post. I put each arm on the vice in my workshop. I wanted to see if there was any torsional difference as far as rigidity in the actual structure of the arms.

I did this simply by clamping one end of the arm on the vice and passing a small bar through the other ends mounting holes and testing for flex. The stock arms would flex about 1/2 of an inch from their clamping point. The modified arms would barely move 1/8 of an inch.

That has to be worth something. So in essence, this mod did significantly stiffen the structure of the arm itself.

Generally, it removed some of the sloppiness that is in the rear. Sure you can go out and by $250 upper arms with greaseable bushings but I will be able to use the $$$ I saved towards a new KB Bullitt shock brace.

Paul G.
Beat me to it! Mine go on this week. I still have to weld the plates on. I am also installing stiffer bushings in the rear end housing. MAximum makes a nice little press tool for removing and replacing the bushings in the pumpkin. I'll post some pics next week.


Thanks so much for doing your 'tests' and posting pictures!!! It really helps seeing something done and even more so knowing the mod actually makes an improvement. Thanks again.

Jerseyville, Illinois USA
Black Bullitt #3185

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Hey! No prob.s Friends! Thx for the compliments.

Brian...let us know how it handles with the bushings as well as the welds!

Paul G.
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