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Mod update/Advise.....

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I spock to Rob at today he is the tech doing the work on my Bullitt.
All the parts are installed he had it on the dyno today the A/F was not right he is calling super chip tomorrow for a reburn.The Bullitt dynoed 380rwhp with the A/F not being right, so it looks like there is more HP he can get out of it.

My question is, Rob recommended going with different injectors (42lbs?) and replacing the fuel pump and a different meter. What do you guy's with super chargers think?Any recommendations?
Rob and is very knowledgeable I would just like to here from some of you guy's that have S/C Bullitt. Thanks
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Hey Ray,

Your stock fuel system can only support a certain power level which I'm sure is being exceeded if in present tune your car is making 380 RWHP. You will definitely need to go with larger injectors and MAF and possibly even a different fuel pump. So what Rob at Fordspeed is telling you is absolutely correct. There is another way to handle your situation send me an e-mail and I'll see if I can get permission to pass on the particulars to you.
Ray, I'll get back to you after folks wake up over there in your neck of the woods.
Ray "you've got mail"
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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