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Convinced myself to get a SCT X2 tuner/data logger. Where's the best place to buy one of these and which specific model for the Bullitt?

Now the truth of why I think I need one. Let me start by saying the there is a good reason why they put a warning label on Tequila: Do not operate heavy machinery...

Some of you know I lost my younger brother to a Brain tumor 2 years ago. During his illness my life as I knew it stopped including driving the Bullitt. It sat the the garage. A year after his death I finally decided t get it up and running. Dead battery of course. Well the day started out fine. I got up early, mowed the lawn and was planning on getting a new battery, fresh gas and wash adn detail the Bullitt and go for a long ride. At 11:30am my wife and one of our neighbors decided we should start drinking Magaritas. My motivated spring day turned into a day of getting trashed. When the Tequila dryed up we switched to drinking beer.

So now it's 3:30 I come back to the garage and in my drunken stuper, I have a bright idea of temporarily using the new battery I just picked up for my wife's minivan, put it in the Bullitt back it out of the garage and I could wash the beast.

Long story short, the Honda Odysys battery had reversed terminal posts and I fried my engine. I quickly removed the terminal but the smoke and damage was done.

I got a new battery and replaced the altenator. I replaced the speed sensor unit my the transmission but still had error codes. Everything was working but the speedometer. Weird, all the other gauges work in the cluster except the speedometer.

I'm thinking the PCM module is foobar`ed.

Please help!
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