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This is snipped from a post TrueBlueBullitt made. Copying here for future reference.

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here are 3 TSBs for the T-3650 manual tranny:

1) "00-24-01 Vibration, clutch, - vibration heard and/or felt at clutch pedal: This may be caused by clutch cable routing, lack of preload on the release lever, improper or failed release bearing, improper pressure plate-to-flywheel bolt torque, or out-of-parallel finger height on pressure plate. Refer to TSB"

2) Then there is a special service message that reads as so: "Clutch cycle noise - some 1994-2001 Mustang equipped with a manual trasnmission may have a powertrain noise
described as a brief roar, hoot, or groan between 2500-3500 RPM when the clutch pedal is half way down, during shifting or when depressing and releasing the clutch. This condition is characteristic of a mecahnical clutch cable release system and does not indicate any system mechanical or durability issues, no attempts to service this condition should be made."

3) Here's the other "special service message": "15175 / 2001 Mustang - T-3650 Transmission shift fork bending. Some 2001 V-8 Mustangs equipped with TR-3650 transmissions built from Feb-2001 to Aug 2001 may exhibit difficulty engaging 1st or 2nd gear. This may be due to an out-of-spec 1-2 shift fork. A new shift fork has been developed to service this condition (2r3z-7230-aa). Remove transmission and follow service procedures detailed in 308-03c for dissassembly and assembly of replacement 1-2 shift fork. Examine 1-2 syncronizer and blocking rings for any damage. Service as necessary following service procedures in 308-03c."


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