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Motorweek Bullitt Mpeg clip

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From last week's show-
warning- 21mb
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Yes, thanks for passing that along! That was a very positive segment.

Awsome post. I love these High speed internet Connections.
Yes thank's for the post I missed that show.For once positive input on the Bullitt.
CAn you post the .mpg file so we can download it? I would love to have a copy.


Thanks for the MPG file. I did not to see the original on the tube so this will have to do.
I down loaded it, but I can't find it on my C-drive. Call me a technopeasant..but how do I save the file so I can watch it again without having to down load it everytime (cuz it takes for friggen ever). If anyone has any help with this, I would be very thankful.
For more complimentary words on the Bullitt...check out this month's 5.0 Magazine...they are saying we are actually getting 280 HP stock and are giving us a very favorable review versus the Cobra.
Great piece. In order to save it Right click on the link and use save as
This will let you save it on your drive.

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