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Movie Car Mirror Insanity!!!!!

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Would you pay $700.00 + for a NOS mirror?:rolleyes:

Well, somebody did!:eek:

I assume it was purchased by someone with a 68 Replica, or at least building one.

IMO, If this same mirror had been auctioned off before I solved the Movie Car Mirror Mystery, it would have sold for less than $50 bucks!

Back in the day, it probably sold for less than $10.00 at the local auto parts store:lol:

What was the last line in "The Bridge on the River Kwai?" Madness, Madness!
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Yes I will be the proud PROUD owner of that new shiny mirror. I had NO idea it would be that crazy. Someone put the hurt on in the last 20 sec or so. Was at around 500 then shot to 700.

Because my '68 is a factory HG car, with 4 speed and 390 etc etc I figured I NEEDED this mirror to put the cherry on top : ) The guy that had it up for auction is surely a happy man. He had no idea what he was selling of course. Good for him.

In other news, for my day job I run an industrial design firm and have experience with part making/CNC machining work. I plan on doing the community at large a favor and replicating this sucker if at all possible. I will keep you posted.
I dont know if I should thank you or blame you : )....apparently there were quite a few people willing to pay mega bucks. Anyway, it was great to read your findings and take advantage of your ground work. I had looked for a mirror for quite some time with really no concrete answers as to what it was. I would say the fact that this sold for 700 validates the belief that you sir have solved the mystery.
Thanks Mike. 1 of 3 takes the edge off the pain (slightly) of the 7 benjamins now gone. Anyway will be fun telling people the "story" of the mirror.
Another one just popped up! INCREDIBLE. I placed a bid to get things going...couldn't resist. Good luck to anyone looking to grab one of these!
hmm hard to say. I dont think it will be as crazy. But def could get up there 300-450 maybe? I dont know. I had no idea the one I got was going to be so absurd, so who knows. This one does not have the plastic gasket/protector but otherwise in awesome shape!
yeah after spending 700 these ones are on sale! I want to pick up another now.
Dragon! you have been hoarding all the mirrors and hiding in the dungeon with em! : )
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