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Moving to Seattle

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Hello all

Ive been a member of IMBOC since 2008, but haven't done much in the way of posting. Hopefully I can be forgiven.

I have a 08 DHG Bullitt with 89XXX miles. It is is my daily driver and my pride and joy. I recently accepted a lucrative offer to move from Jacksonville Florida to Seattle Washington. Of course the primary concern is my car....

Over the last year, I have contemplated trading it in, but I just cant bring myself to do it.

In a trip out to Seattle for the interview process, I noticed some pretty radical hills downtown that seemed to rival San Francisco. I plan on living in downtown Seattle, and walking to work. The Bullitt will be used on the weekends, or in case I need to get somewhere and dont care to wait on public transport.

Thankfully I dont have to worry about driving it across country as my new employer will pay for shipping.

My questions/concerns are:

1. The hills have me worried. I replaced my clutch slave cylinder at 40K miles. A few thousand miles later, I had the clutch replaced in conjunction with a transmission issue (transmission issue covered under extended warranty) . Will I experience extended wear on the clutch and components when engaging from a stop on the hills? The only hills in Florida are the occasional speed bump and man made hills in housing developments.

2. I recently had the 90K mile service completed at Ford. Is there anything else I should do? Should I just drop off the car at Ford and tell them to give it a "once over"?

3. I will now need a front license plate (booo). Should I let Ford install it?

4. Will there be any issues with the climate change? Or does the cars computer adjust? Do I need to be worried about rust?

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This is my first post. My Welcome thread is here. Please post all my welcome message there.

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