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Is Mr T alive and well ? 5291 is still a high and dry 3000 mile garage queen.
But if it wasnt for him I wouldnt ever received it. Ordered in Feburary 01 and
took delivery six months later in August. Ford was pushing the employee "A"
plan to the rear of the bus it seems. Mr T came to my rescue with his connections
at Dearborn Assy. He was a bundle of information when IMBOC started out years ago.
Every time I look at my Bullitt in hibernation, up on the top bunk of a rack,
I think of the fine gentelman who helped a fourty year Ford employee get his
treasure. Mr T your still a hero nearly seven years later.
When your 73 its a treasure ! Just slightly older than Doc Coffin, but every
day above ground is a good day.
Happy New Year to all you IMBOC regulars. Think Spring for us in the snow belt.
Regards, Ron
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