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It seems Mr.T has alot of useful information. Who is he anyway?? Tell me he doesn't own a 4-finger ring :razz:? I think I posted this in the wrong place sorry Webmaster.

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I am not for sure but I was refered to this site by a man with ford and the mustang team I believe it was Mr T. I am not 100% but if you ask him I am sure he will tell you but as you have noticed any of his posts are FACTS not B.S. So if you ask me he is with FORD. He has been a welth of information and I hope he will continue to be.:grin:
I believe he does work for Ford because of the authenticity of his information, but he ssems to want to keep his identity quiet. There was guy at BON who worked at Ford and was pasing on info to us during that start of production that was eventually fired, so I'm content with Mr. T being here like he is and will accept him as he is. He is a valuable source of information!
Hi BullittHeads,

I wanted to respond quickly to this one. First, please don't even use BON and me in the same sentence. I am not a subscriber or a supporter.
All info I provide is neither proprietary nor strictly confidential. I try to help dispel rumors or help answer questions where I can. I would never consider writing anything that would compromise Ford Motor Company or its products.
I love Ford, I always have. My main goal is to help foster that kind of feeling with the members here and to continue building upon the Mustang loyalty that has existed for almost 40 years. It's because of individuals like yourselves that we get a chance to build cars like the Bullitt.
...and that my friends, is why Mr. T is my idol. :smile:

Thanks again T, and you will always be a preferred member in my book. :smile:

Thanks Mr T for all you do for us----we really appreciate the effort and love FORD too!

Mr. T:
Maybe I'll use this opportunity to ask you a question. When the issue first arose about the unique id stickers smearing, I heard/read somewhere that Ford was going to issue clear plastic protectors to protect the integrity of the stickers. So far, I haven't heard anything from Ford of Canada or my dealer. Do you happen to know if it's still the plan to send out the protectors? If so, what would the timing be? etc. etc.
Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
Thanks Mr.T, I never actually wanted a specific name just an idea. Thanks again T
Glad to see someone who works for a company like Ford who is an enthusiast also. Good to see you drive a Fox platform GT too. I've got a modded '90 GT 'vert I don't talk about here and I enjoy both cars. Thanks for all the info.
I really don't understand why someone would get fired for answering questions from the general public unless it compromises the ability of Ford to profit from its business by disclosure of confidential information. From what I've seen in this forum so far I don't understand what has been said that would be confidential. I also believe that Ford has the responsibility to disclose information as requested by its customers. In this case I think an insider would be a great help to Ford Motor Company. After all It's not the latest military technology we are talking about here.

Thanks MR.T whoever you are.
The couple of people that got fired from the plant, that we know of, were giving information out about the Bullitt that they shouldn't have before it was produced and released I believe--way back in May or so.
That would explain it. I work for a very larg software company and if we leaked information on software before it was released it would be grounds for dismisal;-)...

Thanks Mr T for the info. Any ideas on what is going on with the Engines and blown head gaskets? I know of 3 with numbers here and two more that I don't have numbers for.



Bud's Bullit #00227

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thank you Mr T I am very pleased with my BULLITT and the help you have provided.

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