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Muffler Bearing Tool

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I just got the Sept issue of MM&FF and I was reading the article on The Fabulous 50's. It is an article on 50 racer tips. Most are pretty good, but the two I think have real promise are the muffler bearing tool and the piston return spring checker. I am in the process of ordering these parts for the Bullitt. The way I see it with these tools and some proper calibration I should have the Bullitt in the 9's.
I am also going to get a reoobernator. I don't know what is does but it sounds good.
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You should also look into a bigger Kanooter Valve, but you will need a good sized Skyhook to install it. The extra torque may also affect your Frambis Rod too.:wink:
I have a pretty big kanooter myself but is the Frambis Rod connected to the hotrod?

Paging Dr.Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard,

Ok this should fall under the funny or stupid stuff fourm...I just couldn't help myself.

Bullitt # 2726 from Montvale, New Jersey
Frambis Rods only came as original equipment on '48 Rollinknardly's. You know, rolls down the first hill, knardly get up the next. :-B
are you going gnuts over gnats?
good grief you all left out the molly, bolly , holly, windmill gas extractor...
i must be showing my age if onlu I know about this wonder gadget increases horespower, torgue, lowers emissions and drove the 150 m.p.g. carb back on the shelve..
Changing the headlight fluid helps the aerodynamics too!! :roll:
So that is where my spots came from, I forgot to refill those.
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On 2001-08-18 14:56, Green Bullitt wrote:
You should also look into a bigger Kanooter Valve, but you will need a good sized Skyhook to install it.

A henway will work too.
That all sounds great! I installed a "full-race" hood latch bearing last week and so far nobody can come close to the vertical rise of the hood. This is critical for shortening the time it takes to open the hood to change the cadapolis-TM during pit stops.
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