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I thought of this thread tonight and decided it is a MUST READ for any of the newer Bullittheads. It almost ranks up there with the Lt. Frank thread. Thank you Rikki Racer!!! :cool:
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hahaha, thanks, provided a much needed chukle tonight.

two thumbs up for that thread.
Rikki Racer said:
I don't know why this stuff is so funny to just is.
Well...when you figure THAT out, lemme know, cuz it's been freakin' HILARIOUS to my daughter & me, too!! :rotfl:
OMG ya'll have done it AGAIN!! Have laughed, until tears were streaming down my face!!!
There's been many a time, that the thought has run through my head, "I'm wasting everyones' time here, cuz I don't even own a Bullitt yet!!"
But, this is an example of what keeps me logging back in...ya'll are some of THE FUNNIEST, sweetest, down-to-earth, most thoughtful & caring people, to ever post in any forums, anywhere!!!
Thanks for the "stress relief" and keeping my sanity intact!! (Well, what's left of it! ha ha ha!!)
hahahaha. I've got a few posts in that thread. Definitely an IMBOC classic!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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