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The Stable Productions (TSP), in collaboration with Hooters (that’s right people…Hooters) is proud to bring you the next Southern California Road Cruise. The exact route has been finalized.
We will be starting the cruise off in Santa Monica City College at 1900 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405 (the North Eastern parking lot, not the structure) at 9am. We will hang out there for about an hour to an hour and a half and leave to our destination. We will enter onto Pico Blvd. and head East, making a left (north) on Cloverfield Blvd. We will then jump onto the 10 Fwy east bond and go to the 405 fwy northbound. Our exit will be Sunset Blvd. From there we will continue east though the backside of UCLA and Bel Air and make a left on Beverly Glen Rd. and take that north up to Mullholand Dr. and make a right. We will follow the twisty road all the way to Cahuenga Blvd. and make a left and then a right on Barham Blvd. This will dump us onto Olive whihch we will take all the way to First street in burbank. A simple left and a few blocks away will lead us right to our final destination. Trust us, this is one fun route.
When we arrive to the parking structure, we go to the top floor where we will have an the entire floor roped off just for us. We will be stopping and eating at the Hooters of Burbank located at 600 N. 1st Street.
Now it’s time for the good stuff. When we get to the Hooters, we will have Miss April (her name is Ameneh) of the 2005 Hooters Calendar as well as other 2005 calendar friends waiting for us to sign their calendars and take pictures with our cars. They will be ready for you and be happy to take pictures with as many people and cars as they can. And from there of course, we go and eat up some excellent hooters delicacies.
So, bring your calendars, hooters memorabilia and items to have them signed as well as your cameras. This will be one event you do not want to miss out on.
Once again, we will have printed directions for everybody, so nobody gets lost. But feel free to print this out for you just in case.
This cruise (as is with all the cruises that TSP organizes) is open to all car enthusiasts out there. Muscle Car fans of all makes, models and years are welcome to come, so bring out your Ford, GM, Chrysler, etc... and enjoy this awesome cruise.
Everyone mark down May 14th on your calendars for an awesome cruise and the opportunity to get you picture taken with a few of the 2005 Hooters Calendar Girls. Our goal is to have at least as many cars show up as the last three meets we have had. In fact, we would love to reach 100+ cars.

There are finalized directions coming soon.

Here is Miss April 2005; Ameneh(Om - In -E)

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