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Hi All, Just thought you might want to check out some of these very informative

Magazine Articles that I have done for Jim Smart & Miles Cook, Just click on the

Links below to view each article that you wish to view.

9th Annual Mustang & Ford Day, and Suspension Clinic

How-To-Install Sub-Frame Connectors, By Miles Cook

How-To-Install Export Brace & Monte Carlo Bar, By Miles Cook

How-To-Rock & Roll Wheel Guide, By Jim Smart

How-To-Trim Coil Springs & Check Alignment, By Miles Cook

Alignment Science, By Jim Smart

Exhaust Article “Sounds Right” By Jim Smart & Marlon Mitchell

How-To-Install Grant Steering Wheel, By Jim Smart

How-To-Replace a 1971-73 Dash Pad, By Jim Smart

How-To-Install Sequential Tail Lights, By Jim Smart

Understanding Alignment, By Jim Smart

How-To-Install a JME Instrument Gage Panel, By Jim Smart & Jeff Fischbach

How-To-Alignment Basics, By Jim Smart

What You Need To Know About Vintage Mustang & Ford Alignments, By Jim Smart

2005 Ford Mustang Display with FoMoCo
1 - 3 of 3 Posts