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I went to my first ever Mustang event Sunday at a place named C&S Motorsports here in Omaha. They were having a dyno day and the club MidwestStangs ( was holding an event there. My sons were going (white 2000 Mustang GT and blue 2003 Mach 1) and wanted me to go along. So, cleaned up the Bullitt a little and tagged along. We are not members of Midwest Stangs, but they made us feel right at home and were a real good bunch. We enjoyed checking out their cars and they checked ours out too.

My son Scott ran his 2000 Mustang GT on the dyno just to see what it would put down. He is completely stock except for K&N filter, Mac O/R H-pipe, catback with Flows, and 3.90 gears. He surprised everyone putting down 228 hp on a Mustang dyno. Most said he would do around 215 on that dyno. They also complimented his exhaust (loud inside on the dyno).

MidwestStangs has pics from Sunday on their website now. There is one pic with my blue Bullitt, my son Jeff's blue 2003 Mach 1, and my son Scott's white 2000 Mustang GT sitting together! We were pumped when we saw that pic! There are also a couple pics of Scott's white GT on the dyno.

Had a great time!

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