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Mustang Logo for fuel door Images

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I have had this made for the fuel door. I really think that it helps the look of the car. I wish it was something that Ford kept from the prototype. It not solid white it is printed on a clear label and it is transparent. The pictures make it look more solid white then it actually is. If you are interested in one I they cost about 15-20 dollars depending on how many orders I get. E-mail me if you want one or have questions.

Gregg Van Houten
[email protected]

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Hey, that looks pretty good! OK, now I definately want to meet up with you so I can check out your car. When is the next meeting of the car club?
The next meeting will be 8/18/01 at 7pm. Today (7/28/01) I have the Bullitt in the Arroyo Grande Car show if you get a chance to come up it in the old part of town.

Or we can set up another time to meet.
Checking to see how the decal held up for over a year, Gregg. Still look good?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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